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Terms & Conditions

While we work towards delivering quality products to you, please note we only commence processing of your orders UPON RECEIPT OF YOUR PAYMENT ALERT FROM OUR BANK. This means we do not consider the receipt sent by you a proof of payment and therefore commence processing of your order until we have received the credit alert ourselves.

Kindly note that ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL, they can either be transferred or used at another date provided order is yet to be processed but CAN NOT BE REFUNDED. This means that any funds unused by the customer will be converted to store credit which can be used by the customer or given to someone else (sent by the customer).

Also, please note we put in 100% to deliver and satisfy our customers (but refunds will not be made after order is entered and sum received). Just in any case we do not fulfill this due to some unforeseen reasons, such as acts of God (e.g. rain, outbreaks, disasters), Government Rules and Policies (e.g. movement restrictions) etc., your cash is safe with us as your order(s) will be delivered (at a more convenient time to you or immediately after the unforeseen circumstances).

Double and Excess payments of a single purchase may be refunded after seven (7) working days at a 0.5% (percent) charge.

Kindly note that our dispatch riders would only come to the address associated with your order. They are not authorised to deliver to any other address outside of the specified delivery address in your order. Requests to deliver orders to addresses outside of the specified delivery address would lead to the order be returned to the originating outlet.